Richard Toloy Death, Obituary – When God’s plan is followed out, the moment is exactly as he ordained it to be at that particular time and place in the course of the history of humanity. This happens when the plan is carried out. When God’s plan is carried out, this is the situation that arises. There is absolutely no need for any of us to be surprised by any of this since it is all a part of the plan that God has for us. We are unable to fathom the reasoning that lies behind the particulars of His plan because of the vastness of His knowledge, which stops us from being able to understand it. This keeps us from understanding the logic that lies behind the particulars of His plan.

This is something that may be especially difficult to accept in the event that a loved one is taken away from you in a method that is unexpected and takes place at a time when it is inconvenient to do so. We give thanks and praise to God in the name of Jesus Christ for the life that he gave us so that we might spend it with a loved one who has since been taken away from us. This life was given to us so that we could spend it with the person who was taken from us. He bestowed upon us the gift of life in order for us to be able to share it with the one who was snatched from us.

Before our loved ones were taken away from us, we were had the opportunity to enjoy the holiday with one another. Richard Toloy, our younger brother, was found to have passed away earlier today, as was reported in the news. The impact that this knowledge had on our family was catastrophic. Rich, you have no idea how eagerly we are anticipating the next opportunity we have to engage in conversation with you. You have arrived in a lovely spot that is removed from all of the challenges and anguish that this planet has to offer.

You are not only in a realm that is illuminated by the holy light of God, but you are also in a realm that is enlightened by the holy light of God. Both of these claims about you at this time are correct. You are presently in the presence of your parents, and the location in which you find yourself is flooded with the holy light that originates straight from God.