Scott Dinsmore Death, Obituary – We’re writing to let you know that the incredible Scott Dinsmore unfortunately perished after being struck by falling rocks as he approached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. He was traveling with his wife Chelsea, who is unharmed and safely returned to the United States. While we all cope with this heartbreaking news and grief, we can find comfort in this wonderful community Scott has created. He leaves behind an incredibly inspiring legacy of chance, inspiration, and direct action. Scott was, as you are all aware, living his dream and had no regrets whatsoever.

His infectious excitement, smile, passion, and audacity inspired all of us. The lives of thousands of people have been affected by Scott’s deeds. He wasn’t simply speaking about living with passion and purpose; he was actually doing it. showing the world the change he wanted to see. Together, we can keep taking massive action to pursue our personal passions, carry out meaningful employment, fully live our lives, support one another in our communities, and be the change he symbolized. His spirit can also live on in our hearts. Scott created the Live Your Legend community with the intention of it being more than simply him or her.

That was his source of inspiration for the LYL Local movement. His wonderful legacy—this community—will undoubtedly continue, which is a monument to his heart, passion, and vision. He never intended the possibilities and community to be exclusive to him. We still have a lot to figure out in terms of Live Your Legend’s future, but we are confident that there will be one because it is plain why we exist.