Shem Bowman Obituary, Death – In the home that he shared with his family on October 2, 2022, Shem Bowman made the transition from this life to the next. He passed away. There, he took his own life and died. On January 20, 1990, Shawn Rochon and Gerald Bowman, Jr. became parents for the first time. Their son, whom they named Shem, was born into the world at that time. This event served as a launching point for them to begin their roles as parents. While he was a student at Martin Luther King Elementary School, where he received a solid foundation in education, Dr. Doris Roche-Hicks served as his guide and educator.

He benefited greatly from her guidance and instruction. He was a student at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School during this time. As time went on, he was able to advance his career to the point where he is now regarded as being one of the most influential figures in the entire world. The office in charge of admissions at Xavier University came to the conclusion that they would be able to provide Shem with a scholarship that would cover the full cost of his education there. The year 2007 marked the beginning of his time spent working as a longshoreman for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 3000 (ILA LOCAL 3000).

In addition, he was the founder of the Undainvestigaion Clothing line in the year 2020 and the owner of the company that manufactured those garments. This accomplishment came about in the year 2020. It is anticipated that everyone, including members of the deceased person’s family and friends, will show their respects in person by attending the funeral. There will be a Celebration service held in honor of the life and legacy of the late Mr. Shem Bowman, on the Saturday, the 29th of October, 2022, at ten in the morning. This service will be held in honor of the day. This memorial service will be held in remembrance of his accomplishments.

This memorial service will be held on this very special day in remembrance of it. At nine o’clock in the morning, the congregation of the neighborhood church will gather for the first worship service of the day. His children Harlem and Gersey Bowman, his parents Shawn Rochon-Calice and Sherman J. Calice Sr., his siblings Gerquel Bowman, Shermicia and Shermika Calice, Sherman Calice, Jr., and Tyree Thompson, his maternal grandparents Bernice Nealy and Eddie Smith (Vanessa), and his paternal grandparents Juanita Bowman and Sherman Jr. (Zenobia), along with other relatives, were present at the funeral.

At the time that Shem was born, not a single one of his great-grandparents was still alive; in fact, each and every one of them had already passed away. The names of the people who were involved in the incident are as follows: Rosemary and John Leon, R.D. Addison, Annie Bell, and Milton Smith, Sr. At this point, Olga and Sherman Calice Sr. had also crossed over to the other side. His baptism took place at the Beacon Light International Baptist Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana, when Shem was ten years old. Louisiana is the home state of the cathedral, which can be found there. The state of Louisiana is the location of the cathedral, which can be found there. An excursion to the home of Dr. Shem Bowman carried out by Dr. Geral Bowman IV